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Posted 14 Jun 23 By Admemenister

Updated 17 Jun 23


Greetings hot sauce enthusiasts,

I'm happy to bring to you the latest update to the website (0.2.0), which includes several bug fixes as well as the new blog post and announcements feature. The full list of changes can be found at the end of this announcement.

In other news, there will be some new hot sauce batches bottled this weekend, as well as a few auxiliary ferments, like french-style mustard, seasoned sauerkraut, and salsa verde. There will be enough mustard to give away a few small jars, so if you're interested, let me know before they're gone. Unfortunately after this weekend there will be about 4-5 weeks before any new hot sauces are available, so plan accordingly!

I recently picked up a digital pH meter for more precise measurements, and will start including the final pH reading in the batch information. The sauce and batch pages will also be updated in the near future with better and more consistent photos, instead of the random, poorly-cropped photos that are currently in use because I was too lazy to do it properly. So keep an eye out for these changes.

That's it for now. Time to go get some actual work done... you know... the kind that pays the bills.

v0.2.0 Changelog
  • Stuff you might care about:

    • Added new updates page.

    • [0.2.2 UPDATE]: Added new memes page

    • Home page now displays latest post with announcement tag as primary content.

    • Added list of recently-bottled sauces to home page.

    • [0.2.2 UPDATE]: Added latest memes to home page

    • Updated pages to provide proper page/open-graph metadata (e.g., page title reflects the page you're viewing).

  • Stuff you probably don't care about:

    • Improved versatility of search pages.

    • Added title slugs to sauce and post pages.

    • Added table-join support to search requests.

    • Added Markdown rendering for post content and potentially sauce/batch descriptions in the future.

    • Optimized database requests for faster page loads.

  • Improved sauce searching to include batch ingredient and allergen filters

  • User registration invites

  • Batch reviews

  • Review / post comments

  • Bottle reservation system


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